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Related article: Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 12:15:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brad Wrangler
Subject: The Dayton Chronicles: Exploring the ParkExploring the Park
Brad WranglerWork kept me busy spending late into the evening every day. Yet my mind
wandered back to the park. Thursday afternoon I decided to leave at a
normal time and headed back to my apartment. It was a typical Midwest June
day with a sunny sky, high humidity and the temp in the mid-80's. In my
apartment undressing I admired my solid 24 year old body in the mirror. My
cock twitched as I thought about meeting Bill in the park. I pulled my red
nylon running shorts top 10 lolita preteen out of the laundry pile. Looking at them I could see
the remains of the fun I'd had with Bill. Tossing them back in the pile I
selected a pair of short thin black nylon running shorts. Without the
liner or jock my thickening cock was just a little bit visible. I put on
my running shoes, grabbed a flimsy tank top, headed out the door, nude 12 yo lollitas
jumped in
my car and was on my way.It was only 5:30 when I pulled in the park. I didn't see Bill's car. I
decided to park closer to the other cars at the farthest end of the loop.
I was surprised no one was around even though there were about a half dozen
parked cars. The sun felt great on my exposed back as I walked towards
what appeared to be the main path.The trees and brush were not as thick at this end as they were near the
spot Bill took me at the opposite end. There were traveled trails leading
off in all directions. A good looking guy probably in his early 40's
approached heading the other way. He wore what were obviously suit pants
and dress shoes. What earlier had been a crisp white shirt was open
revealing dark fur covered pecs. He's been sweating and the hair was
matted to his solid chest. He looked me up and down. As he passed he said
was, "Have fun." I turned around to look at him as I walked. He'd stopped
to button his shirt. I almost stumbled when he dropped his trousers to
tuck in his shirt. The white briefs he was wearing really showed off his
butt. Even though the trail xxx little lolitas pics was shaded I started to perspire from the heat
and humidity. As the trail led left it became clear that it was a loop and
I was headed back towards the parking lot. Spying a side trail I followed
it. The brush became thicker. Finally I ended up in a stand of large
trees along a fence that seemed to border a corn field. It was so quiet
and still I decided to relax against a tree a moment. Pulling my one
cigarette from behind my ear I lit it and leaned against the tree. Hooking
my thumb under the waist band of my shorts I tugged them down until my
pubes began to show. A cooling breeze as the sun made its way through the
leaves glistening on my sweat slave lolita preteen site moistened nearly naked body. My reverie was
interrupted when I heard a branch snap. I suddenly felt someone watching
me.About ten yards away was guy holding his shirt in his left hand wearing a
tight faded pair of jeans. He looked to be in his early 30's and about six
feet tall. As he continued slowly walking towards me I could see his solid
chest. His jeans were slung lolita young and naked low enough on his hips for me to see his pubes
poking above his bulging crotch. Finally speaking he said, "Hope I didn't
startle you?" "No, I was just getting lost in this great day." With that
I leaned back against the tree. Approaching me he made some small talk
about what a great day it was. Interrupting my response I tossed the spent
cigarette to the ground crushing it with my shoe."You look real good leaning against that tree.""Thanks.""It sure is warm this afternoon.""Yeah, it is.""You looking for anything in particular.""Naw, just enjoying the day. What about you?""Just enjoying the sights of the woods.""Me too."His eyes scanning up and down my body he moved. Standing facing me about
three feet away he continued. My now semi hard cock was starting a tent in
my flimsy thin shorts. The bulge in his jeans was also growing."I'll bet you are cool just wearing those?""Yeah, but I'm still sweating.""It's so private back here you could get naked if you wanted to.""That would feel good.""A lot of things feel good.""They certainly do."Dropping to his knees he reaches up sliding his smooth hands into my shorts
playing with my cock and balls. Leaning forward he outlines my cock with
his mouth through the thin fabric. Precum was leaking from my now rigid
cock when he removed his hands."Let's get you out of those," he said as he slid my shorts to my ankles. I
raised each foot as he got the shorts out of the way allowing me to stand
without falling. I was now standing over him buck naked dripping precum
onto his lightly hairy chest. He did his best to catch it in his mouth.Sitting back on his haunches he unzipped his jeans and wiggled them down to
his ankles. His cock stood straight out from the forest of hair
surrounding it. Reaching up his hands roamed across my chest, stomach and
down my legs. Pulling me towards him in one swift motion he took my cock
into his warm wet mouth. His right hand moved to begin stroking his cock
as he sucked me. His left hand went between my legs and moved up onto my
butt. I loved the sensation as he pulled me as far into his mouth and
throat as he could. He must have felt the cum boiling in my balls and he
slowed. Licking my cock and taking just the tip in his lips he jacked him
self faster and faster. His thumb pressed against my hole as he resumed
sucking. Faster and faster he sucked. When his thumb pressed through my
ring I had to lean on his shoulders to keep my balance. I was past the
point of no return. My balls tightened when the first shot of his cum hit
my leg sending me over the edge. I lost control and unloaded shot after
shot into his mouth. He milked me dry as his jacking slowed. His cum had
splattered my legs and globs of it were clearly visible on the dried
leaves.Releasing me from his mouth he smiled up at me. Then standing up he pulled
up his jeans, zipped up and thanked me. With that he headed up the path
leaving me to recover my composure and shorts. lolita bbs nude tgp When I came around I pulled
on my shorts and began the walk back to my car.He never told me his name but he certainly made exploring the park
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